About Us

GIO Dental Care are located in Strategic Locations in Yogyakarta (Babarsari, Ambarukmo, Seturan, Gejayan, Kaliurang, Godean), Magelang, Semarang, Jember, and Bali (Denpasar), Indonesia.

GiO has a team of dentists and specialist dentists who are ready to provide the best service for you, with the typical hospitality of the Indonesian people, known for their honesty, always giving their best, providing extraordinary care for your dental needs.

Find Quality, Excellence, and comfortable personal care at each of our clinics.

GiO Restores, Beautifies, and Enhances the natural beauty of your smile with the latest technology, resulting in a healthy and beautiful smile. We treat yours wholeheartedly.

Sayang GiO, Ingat Gigi, Ingat GiO!

Our Speciality
  1. Professional and Solid Team, a collaboration between dentists and specialist dentists, namely:
    • Teeth straightening, Jaw, Braces, and Aligner specialist (Orthodontist),
    • Dental Implant, Dental Crown and Maxillofacial Prosthetic specialist (Prosthodontist),
    • Dental Restoration and Root canal Specialist (Endodontist),
    • Kids dental specialist (Pediatric Dentist),
    • Dental Jawbone and Gum specialist (Periodontist)
    • Oral and Maxillofacial esthetic surgery specialist (Oral Surgery Specialist)
  2. Up to date facilities:
    • GiO 3D Computed Tomography dental radiography dan 2D dental radiography
    • GiO Dental Diode Laser
    • GiO 3D dental scanner & Lab
    • GiO Self ligating orthodontic (Latest teeth straightening technology)
    • GiO Computer-assisted Orthodontic (Computer-aided orthodontic planning)
    • GiO Mini implant supported orthodontic
    • GiO Invisalign (brace-less tooth straightening)
    • GiO Dental Implant with Computer assistance
    • GiO Laser bleaching (Dental whitening)
    • GiO Nano technology dental filling (tambalan gigi dengan teknologi nano)
  3. Clean, cool, comfortable, and Aesthetic clinic room,
  4. Happy dentists = Happy patients, so they can provide their best service, supported by regular training, updated periodically to follow the latest developments by inviting local and national speakers at our training center (monthly training) with complete facilities.
  5. One of the most trusted and experienced dental clinics in Jogja, which is the choice of domestic/foreign tourists (expatriates) to treat their teeth.

Our Locations